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Promotional Basketballs - Custom Logo Printed

Basketball Ball Manufacturing;
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As Onosport, we can produce Basketball Balls in Promotional and Training quality that meet your needs. We can meet your needs with 8-panel Basketball Balls, and print your logos and slogans. We can design and produce basketballs for your basketball clubs or your logo printed promotional works. Promotional basketballs are perfect for events and brand awareness. Logo-printed basketballs are a great idea for sports-related promotions and make the perfect gift for potential customers. Our basketball balls are produced from standard rubber material.

Promotional basketballs can be 100% Custom Printed! No: 5 and No: 7 basketball balls are produced in our workshop. We produce as 8 panels.

In our country, leather production is not made for indoor use due to manufacturing costs, and rubber basketball balls number 5 and 7 suitable for indoor and outdoor use are not produced in our production.

The basketballs we manufacture are also available in promotion and training quality in accordance with indoor and outdoor use. If our customers demand the production of basketball balls with higher match quality and leather production or other ball sizes with customizable logo printed, we provide door-to-door delivery service to our customers with the logo printed and ready-made supply method with our partner company abroad.

Whether it is our basketball balls that are produced in our production or the production is made through our partner company as a contract by import method, we provide support with the excitement of the first day without sacrificing quality with 100% customized designs for institutions and companies.



  • The circumference of the size 7 basketball ball is about 75-78 cm and it is about 567-650gr per ball. weighs.

  • The circumference of a size 6 basketball is approximately 72-75 cm and is approximately 510-560gr per ball. weighs.

  • A size 5 basketball has a circumference of approximately 69.5-70.5 cm and a weight of approximately 396-453 grams per ball.

  • The circumference of a size 3 basketball is approximately 56-57 cm and is approximately 297-348gr per ball. weighs. You can examine the age groups in the table below.


We can print your logo brand on any sports ball you can think of, so you can present your brand in the best possible way. The basketball ball with your logo brand provides instant interaction with new and existing customers in a unique and unforgettable way.


You can call us at +90 212 706 6040 or send an e-mail to Usually, we can respond to your request for an image and quotation that you send to us on the same day!

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