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How is a soccer ball produced?

Updated: Feb 23, 2022


Futbol Topu

Football is undoubtedly the most well-known and widespread sport in the world. Football balls, of which we often hear the name of round leather in football matches, have undergone changes for many years with various production methods and have taken their current form. So, today, let's try to find an answer to the question of which method is the most preferred on the basis of durability and how it is produced. Let's take a look at the adventure of the soccer balls produced by the Adidas company, which has come to the fore with its brand, and how it goes through to the stores and sports schools that sell sports equipment.

First of all, artificial leather, which is a mixture of leather and fabric, which is determined in accordance with the round line of the ball and is one of the materials we know widely, is cut as 6gon and 5gon pieces with the most known method in the previously determined scissor dimensions.

In the same way, after the fabrics in the ball are cut in the same way, the cut pieces are carefully stitched together with the help of a sewing machine.

At the next stage, the inner structure of the ball is clearly revealed by placing the tube inside the last 5 diagonal that has not been sewn before, and sewing the last pentagon in such a way that the valve is outside so that the air does not escape or inflate.

Futbol Topu Derileri

After this stage, the manufactured balls are tested whether they leak air or not. The values are checked and if everything goes well, the ball is washed with a very strong glue so that the actual rubber leather mixture, which forms the outer part of the ball, adheres. The parts, whose logo printing works have been completed, to be placed on the shapes such as 6gen and 5gen, which will be placed on the ball surface, are placed in the metal molds used in the production in a regular and complementary manner. After this placement, the inner ball structure, which we have thrown in the glue pool before, is placed in the mold with the valve opening outside and the mold cover is closed and inflated with the air given in the ball.

At this stage, the leather and inner structure on the surface of the ball are brought together with the help of a hot mold.

After this stage, the ball is ready and the ball in the mold is taken out and left to cool, and soccer ball production is completed. After the final checks and tests of the cooled balls, the air inside is evacuated and ready for shipment to be packed. At the last stage, the balls are placed in suitable bags and the boxing process is started.

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