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Promotion Ball Manufacturing

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

While determining the model in the production of Soccerball, Basketball and Volleyball Ball, after choosing the color and model suitable for the customer's request, after the graphical work is completed with the customer's approval, the serial is passed in accordance with the previously determined terms and conditions and the deadline in line with the desired quantities, and we deliver the balls in the promised time. is taking place. Pricing studies of the balls that are planned to be produced in question are the most important pricing factors required by our sales team within the framework of the relevant project and activity. At this point, we are meticulously carrying out our proposal delivery work.

While pad printing can be applied up to 4 colors in standard structure on average in our workshop, although it is a factor that increases the cost, for our customers who demand more special applications, a picture-quality printing method with visual richness can be applied with UV printing method. Within our product groups that we have manufactured; Number 5 Soccer Ball (360-380gr.), Number 2 Handball Ball (280-300gr.), Number 7 Basketball Ball (600-620gr.), Number 5 Basketball Ball (400-450gr.), Number 5 Volleyball Ball (260 -280gr.) In addition to the soccer balls produced for promotional activities, astroturf soccer balls suitable for the astroturf floor are also produced for the astroturf operators.

The balls that we have manufactured since our establishment can be shipped to all parts of Turkey within the framework of campaigns and promotions initiated by various institutions and organizations. On the basis of the companies we work with, we provide services to many institutions and organizations such as municipalities, educational institutions, sports facilities, charities, private companies, government institutions, and we also successfully work with promotional companies that sell various promotional products.

Although our production capacity is 3200-3500 units per month, in case of a demand higher than our production capacity, we can easily increase the required capacity depending on the number of the project by employing personnel, since our infrastructure is suitable.

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