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Updated: Feb 23, 2022


As our company in the production of soccer balls, to our valued customers; We are in the sector to provide the best, highest quality service. Representing the Onosport brand; With our experienced staff, our customers; We do not fulfill demands such as printed soccer balls, promotional balls with great devotion.

We are making the most appropriate business planning in order to increase the profit margin of our valued customers. In addition to the production of soccer balls, we also manufacture printed basketball balls, and volleyball balls within our own structure. We carry out stock and supply processes for other promotional products that are not in our production but for which we carry out the procurement processes.


Trademarks distributed to the public; Products with their own symbols, signatures or logos on them are called promotions. These promotional products; socially, they can be daily needs and materials of use. To exemplify the most frequently preferred ones;

  • soccer ball

  • basketball

  • volleyball

  • Colorful Plastic Ball

  • Pencil

  • Notebook

  • agenda

  • printed t-shirt/sweater

  • Cup

  • Post-it sticky note

The purpose of this promotion distribution; is to stay up to date (on the agenda) for customers and potential customers. A brand's awareness and recognition by the consumer society; it determines the economic course of the brand. For this reason, brands; As much as possible, it resorts to alternative ways of competition such as advertising, sponsorship and promotion distribution in the cutthroat race.

Returning to the brand update status; Brands that are out of date face economic decline in the market over time and sell their products/services cheaper than other rival companies.


As Onosport, our valued customers; We carry out your soccer ball manufacturing business in terms of both promotional distribution and commercial profit making. Sectorally, we shape our production activities according to the wishes of our customers and organize our stock plan in line with your demands in order to keep your brand up-to-date.


Since we will determine a business plan in line with the requests you send to us, you need to answer some questions before contacting our company.


  • Will I be ordering for commercial sale or for promotional distribution?

  • How many will I order?

  • Have I set a budget plan for orders?

  • Which address will my orders be delivered to?

  • Should my orders be delivered as soon as they are complete or at a later date?

By answering the above questions; You can help speed up the order, stock and supply stages.

For detailed information about our products, you can contact us by contacting the contact numbers or by contacting the offer request form.

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