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Updated: Feb 23, 2022

Promotional products are one of the most important promotional activities of companies and organizations.

One of the most important reasons for the companies that want to carry out promotional activities to distribute promotional products is to facilitate the work of the marketing departments and to help the branding of the company logo or product by using serigraphy printing, pad printing and UV printing methods on the products that the marketing technique periodically determines as the product variety.

Depending on the season, some products such as raincoats, umbrellas, hats, anoraks, etc. are preferred in the spring, among the products planned to be distributed as printed production periodically, while in winter thermoses, glasses, fleece blankets, calendars made for New Year's Eve, agendas, clocks, pens, in summer On the other hand, products such as bags, toys, sports equipment, knee pads, football balls, basketball balls, volleyball balls, stress balls, sea balls, sea beds, balloons, cheering sticks are preferred as summer promotional products.

There are also promotional products that do not have seasonal restrictions, we can list some of them as follows; Magnets, mugs, coasters, pens, key chains, lighters, auto fragrances, badges, stationery products can be used.

It is impossible to say which companies are involved in these activities by making a limitation within the framework of promotional activities. Firms, institutions, municipalities, health institutions, sports clubs, schools, educational institutions, associations and many other institutions and organizations that are active take part in these promotional activities through promotional activities and marketing personnel.

Within the framework of promotional distribution activities, promotion distribution has been based on three main principles for companies. The first of these is to ensure that the products sold by the new entrants to the market are memorable in line with the target audience in the branding process, and secondly, we can say that the brand values of the companies that have been operating for many years to maintain their position in terms of other rival companies and to develop them further. On another issue, although this is a bit of a hidden advertisement, other promotional activities within the framework of social activities are intended to be helpful and supportive. It is to crown this promotional activity with advertising slogans within the framework of the campaigns organized periodically in order to support all these promotional activities as well as the distribution of promotions.

Within the framework of all these promotional activities, at the end of the day, their cycle is to achieve tangible profitability. While companies are based on the principle of profitability, state institutions and organizations or non-profit institutions and organizations aim to distribute these promotional products for prestige purposes or purely within the framework of social activities.

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